Benefits of using online CPD

CPD - are you there yet?

You realise the importance of implementing a CPD framework but perhaps you are just at the beginning stages and not sure where to start or what you would need?

Maybe your organisation has implemented CPD but you are using a paper-based model? If so, then chances are it will be resource heavy, time intensive and overwhelming to manage. If you feel like that, imagine how your members or employees feel? No wonder they are not engaging!

Why online CPD?

Whatever your reason for looking into CPD software, moving to an online solution provides many advantages: 

  • Achieve best practice for the industry you represent
  • Streamline and reduce costs of administering CPD programmes
  • Enable professionals to manage their own learning
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Modernise your professional development programmes
  • Improve auditing and reporting capabilities 
  • Increase staff or member recruitment and retention
  • Increase engagement in CPD
  • Negate the need for a paper based system 

Why you should let Premier IT help you?

We have been providing professional development software since the 1990's and have seen how CPD can really improve standards, thus improving the professionalism of the industry. 

We know what works and have developed software based on our experience of dealing with multiple organisations delivering CPD programmes. 

CentricCPD, our flexible and configurable out-of-the-box CPD system is easy to use, accessible, cost effective and adaptable to the needs of your professional development programme. 

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