About Premier IT CPD solutions

We have been providing professional development software since the 1990's and have seen how CPD can really improve standards, thus improving the professionalism of the industry.

We know what works and have developed our software based on our experience of dealing with multiple organisations delivering CPD programmes. We will work with you to ensure that we deliver the right solution that will help you achieve excellence.

We can help you to improve the management, administration and delivery of your professional development programmes, ensuring that you meet the training, learning and development needs of your members and employees.

We also provide a sophisticated training and event management software system - TASK Manager.

Regardless of the functionality you require from a CPD system, be confident in knowing that we can deliver your requirements. 

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Working for Premier IT

At Premier IT we pride ourselves in maintaining high staff retention. We recognise that our employees are the life blood of our business, and the key to our success. It is our policy to recruit those with drive, tenacity and ability, to invest in their skills and potential and reward them accordingly.

Based in the heart of the Capital, and boasting a multi-cultural workforce, Premier IT is a vibrant place to work that thrives on diversity and forward-thinking.

The recent economic downturn has seen many organisations struggle, and forced many more to face staff cutbacks. It is to our credit, and the calibre of our staff, that we still look to build and add to our workforce.