Case Study

Case Study: Developing CPD for The Market Research Society

The Market Research Society (MRS) is the world’s leading authority on research and business intelligence and wanted to maximise their membership offering by providing a CPD framework for its members. Premier IT’s work with MRS led to the successful implementation of the CPD system, CentricCPD.

MRS wanted to maximise its membership offering by providing a framework for members to take control of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and link it to membership levels.  

They wanted to develop a CPD programme with the following goals in mind:

  • To establish the seriousness of the profession 
  • To provide positive differentiation from practitioners outside MRS 
  • To improve the overall quality and skills of practitioners in the sector 
  • To provide a framework for measurement of skills, training and knowledge 
  • To expand the entry route to MRS Certified Member status 
  • To provide members with a tool for recording and tracking their learning and development as they progress through their careers. 
  • To provide members and company partners with a professional development tool to assist in managing professional development within their organisation e.g. developing competency standards, identifying training needs, logging individuals’ learning and achievements, assisting with appraisals, etc.

With this in mind, a CPD system would be central to achieving MRS’s goals. 


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MRS selected and reviewed three potential CPD systems and wanted a solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Followed industry best practice
  • Out of the box solution
  • Intuitive and user- friendly design
  • Ability to engage members through the CPD system
  • Ease of configuration and build
  • Ability to promote provision and link to competency frameworks
  • Option to integrate with CRM/MRM system – single sign-on
  • Build and launch on a tight timescale
  • Affordable with limited budget and resource.

Premier IT worked closely with MRS to help understand its needs and requirements for CPD and was subsequently selected to provide its CPD system, CentricCPD. 


Premier IT’s work with MRS led to the successful implementation of a CPD system in April 2014, in line with the new MRS Membership Grading Structure.

Premier IT’s out of the box, functionally rich and simple to use CPD system was key to MRS delivering a robust CPD programme.

The new CPD programme:

  • Enables members more access routes to up-grade to MRS Certified Member Status and gain recognition for their professional development and experience
  • Is non-compulsory
  • Requires participating members to complete a minimum of 21 hours CPD per 12 month period for it to be recognised towards upgrading membership
  • Involves a process of identifying needs, carrying out activities, recording time spent and reflecting on the outcomes
  • Can include both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ activities
  • Is administered via an online planning and recording tool 

Engagement and recruitment 

MRS has created a campaign to help position CPD as an important part of an individual’s membership.

Recent activities include:

  • Sent communications targeted to Members (MMRS) to promote CPD as a pathway for Certified Member Status (CMRS) – the professional grade of membership
  • Implemented an ongoing communication plan via the CPD system to ensure members remain engaged with MRS and value their membership subscription
  • Worked with other organisations to use CPD as part of their graduate programme and internal staff development alonOct2014gside a new Professional Development Programme
  • Engaged with other associations to promote their relevant provision as part of the MRS CPD programme
  • Utilised CPD as a framework to promote and develop MRS provision to include events and professional development
  • Implemented a member recruitment programme leveraging CPD as a valuable member benefit and pathway for career progression 

The future

MRS plan to continually improve their CPD framework and is working in partnership with Premier IT to enable additions to their CPD system.

Future plans include:

  • Implementing single sign-on
  • Integration with existing  CRM and events module
  • Editable competency frameworks

In April 2014, MRS launched a new CPD programme exclusively for individual members, dedicated to the research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences sector. In designing a CPD programme and selecting an online system, it was essential the solution was simple, not only to implement, but to use by our members so that it offered a valuable member benefit for their individual career progression. We selected Premier IT, as they were able to deliver an ‘off the shelf’ solution that met our requirements and aspirations, and subsequently implemented this on a tight deadline with efficient project management.

Jennifer Sproul, Sales & Marketing Director, MRS


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